What is Lupus and its Types, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Lupus is inflammatory diseases that can affect our body’s vital organs lupus is one kind of autoimmune disease generally our body have a defense system (immunity) that may help to fight with foreign bodies or germ.
Normally our immune system produced the protein which can fight with germ its called antibody but when our immunity is unable to identify germ its start fight or attack our own body’s healthy tissues.
Lupus is mostly seen in women than the men 9 out of 10 people with lupus are women it can difficult to diagnose because sign and symptoms are often similar with other disease conditions.

What is Lupus and its Types, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Its cause is unknown sometimes it may be seen as hereditary disease transfer by parents to children some people have born with a tendency towards lupus its triggers when people goes in sunlight taking some drugs or any unfavorable environment while there is no cure of lupus but symptomatic treatment are available that may help to control.
Lupus is not contagious and it can’t transmit by touch or any other contacts.

Types of Lupus:


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is a most common type of lupus which is found in peoples SLE is affect mainly vital organs of our body including heart, brain, kidney, lungs, blood and skin it’s a commonest and chronic autoimmune disorder approximately 5million people suffering from lupus in world


Discoid or cutaneous lupus is a mainly affect the skin. Rashes appear on face, scalp, and neck, discoid lupus does not affect or damage internal organs rarely people with discoid lupus progress into systemic lupus but there is no prevention or we can’t predict that person surely get systemic lupus the pathway is totally unknown of this disease.


This type of lupus occurs when person takes some medication that trigger lupus
When some people take certain prescribed medication that creates reaction. There are mainly some particular drugs that are associated with discoid lupus. Hypertensive drug and hear arrhythmia drugs cause this condition but when a person stop taking drug symptoms are subside after few times


Neonatal lupus is passed from mother to child when a mother transmits autoantibodies to the unborn baby neonatal lupus is occur. When a baby born with neonatal lupus generally characterized rash appear on skin, heart and blood complications after six-month symptoms disappear or fade with time.

What is a Flare-up in Lupus?

Flare up means appear suddenly when lupus flare comes some sign indicates that person will get a flare up some medication sunlight exposure and unfavorable environment trigger lupus and a person experienced some symptoms which are mentioned below but after flare gone symptoms gradually disappear.

systematic erythematosus lupus


Symptoms are differing from people to people who suffer with lupus. Every person with lupus has different sign and symptoms, symptoms are associated with the type of lupus and which system affected of a person but some common symptoms which are listed below :

  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Butterfly shaped rash on Nose Bridge to chicks
  • Joint pain, stiffness and swelling
  • Photosensitivity (skin lesions appear with sun exposure)
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon: fingers and toes that turn blue or white when exposed to cold or stressful period
  • Dry eyes
  • Headache
  • Confusion and memory loss
  • Chest pain shortness of breath


Sunlight Exposure:

A person who has a tendency towards lupus or have discoid lupus those people experience worse symptoms when they exposure to sunlight, sunlight may also cause lupus flare that person has joint pain swelling and other symptoms.


People who have drug-induced lupus get a flare up when they will take some of the prescribed medication like blood pressure Medication, anti-seizure Medication, antibiotics and heart arrhythmia’s drugs.


women have more prone to lupus than the men some research showed those women and men both produced estrogen but women have higher amount of estrogen, many women have experienced symptoms of lupus during pregnancy and before menstrual period at that time women produced higher amount of estrogen but not every woman get lupus it’s just a risk factor for those who have tendency towards lupus.


Genes are transmitted by the parent to offspring we got some habits some traits, the child gets diseases from their parents or also get autoimmunity. There are chances to get lupus from parents in heredity.


Blood Problems:

Anemia, more risk of blood clotting or bleeding and also cause inflammation of blood vessel.


Inflammation of chest cavity, painful breathing.


Lupus nephritis (inflammation of the kidney).


lupus with heart problem its leading death, worse chest pain, inflammation around the sac of heart.


A headache, confusion, mood changes and some get vision problem.


osteoporosis (increased risk of fracture or low bone density).


50% pregnancy is higher risk with lupus.

Risk of miscarriage, preterm or premature delivery, pre-eclampsia and congenital heart defect in a baby.


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