How To Lose Weight In 10 Days

How To Lose Weight In 10 Days

A powerful routine on how to lose weight normally quick ought to contain 80% eating routine and 20% exercise. Accordingly, adhere to an exercise session alongside the eating routine regimen to get dazzling outcomes.

How To Lose Weight In 10 Days

Never make major changes in your diet it becomes weaker you and loses your muscles, not fats we have to burn fats to lose weight.
There are some tips that help you to maintain your health, improve your metabolism and reduced fat of the body especially belly fat.

How to Lose Weight

First, you have to take meals on their proper timing and in a proper manner to lose the weight.
Let’s start with morning whenever you will wake up first drink much water as you can drink then go for fresh up and after 15 to 20 min you may eat some healthy fruits, or any other food which one you like to have but remember do not eat with hot or cold drinks like tea coffee.

it if you want to drink then gaping between it of course coffee/tea can boost your immune system but when you take food with it like the iron-containing food it cannot absorb in the body.
So whatever you have to eat or drink just maintain the little gap between it so it’s not worthless for your body.

Now we are discussing how many percentages we get in meals, morning meal have got 90 to 100 % oxygen to the brain and there only get 15 to 20 % energy of lunch and 45 to 50% of dinner so you must have to it health meal in the morning it will improve your memory power also.

How to lose weight fast

Water: water is most important solvent for our body to purify toxic product also hydrated our body and maintain electrolyte balance so drink enough water in a day.
Sit, while drinking water it’s the healthiest way to drink and absorb it properly.

Before 30 min of having meal drink glass of water, it will nourish your digestive system, don’t drink water during meal just small amount you may drink then it very dangerous or unhealthy to drink after the meal you must drink warm water after 1 hour of the meal.

You can also take a glass of warm water with lemon juice and pinch of salt it will prevent constipation Some effective tips:

1. Eat on time don’t skip meal even if possible to 4 to 5 small meal in a day rather than too much eat once. Its easily digest and helps to maintain weight. This should be the first step of your plan on how to lose weight.

How To Lose Weight meal

2. Do yoga Pranayam for 10min its improve your health both physically and mentally. We all know that stress leads to a poor diet. Yoga helps to greatly reduce stress, which not only helps you make better decisions but also lower cortisol level. Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes weight gain. Lowering your cortisol levels will help you naturally lose weight.

How To Lose Weight yoga

3. Have healthy breakfast. 7 to 9 am our blood supply is higher and castrate on stomach during this time if we get healthy food it will get 100% effective metabolism. People who regularly eat in the morning are less likely to overeat at night, proper breakfast gives you energy and helps think and to work productively. People who do not eat breakfast or deprived the first-morning meal are under stress.Be sure to have breakfast every day its most important meal for our Health.

How To Lose Weight food

4. Drink enough water. Water helps to cleans your body waste and boost metabolism, acts as an appetite suppressant.

How To Lose Weight water

5. Avoid fatty oily junk food. There are some foods that you must avoid weight loss

How To Lose Weight junk

  • French fries and potato chips
  • Sugary drinks
  • White bread
  • Candy bars
  • Most fruit juices
  • Pastries, cookies, and cakes
  • Some types of alcohol(BEER)
  • Ice cream
  • Pizza
  • High-calorie coffee drink
  • Food high in added sugar

6. Eat protein: protein have digested slowly than carbohydrates and fat so if you get protein in your food you will be energized whole day. Protein can reduce hunger and boost metabolism.

7. Cut down not out meant to say eat food we also need some amount of fat, carbohydrates but not eat much more than daily requirement.

How To Lose Weight sufficient

8. Eat in the proper manner, eat slowly and proper chew so you will be satisfied and food will be digested perfectly.

9. Get enough sleep and sleep on time. 11 pm to 4 am it’s the best time to sleep during this time our body(kidney) filter toxic product. Poor sleep is a major risk factor for weight gain and obesity. It can increase your appetite. Poor sleep can increase your calorie intake. Poor sleep may decrease your resting metabolism. Sleep can enhance physical activity.

How To Lose Weight sleep

10. Start and end your meals with a small amount of water remember do not drink too much water while eating or instantly after eating.

11. Lemon juice its contain vitamin C which helps to reduce weight also its good for all over health 1lemon juice per day its decreased blood viscosity and prevent heart disease and blood diseases.Drink the juice of one lemon in one cup of warm water with empty stomach in morning increase your weight loss.

How To Lose Weight lemon

Note:- At last but most important is don’t compares your weight to other people check your BMI (BODY MASS INDEX).

After reading this article you will never search how to lose weight, if you apply all the points in daily life.



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